Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Opening Plenary Session INNovation- do you win by being IN?

Discussion about the Value of Innovation and impact on our society!

1. How global innovation 
will be financially sustained 
for future decades


Mads Krogsgaard Thomson - Novo Nordisk
Sarah Garner- NICE

Mads makes the argument that YES- innovation is a long-lasting process and happens in waves and with newer therapies coming up in richer countries, previous waves spread to less wealthy countries so that over time, global society profits.

Sarah Garner is making a long list of very valid points - I will get her notes as it's too much to listen and type!!

2 .True cost of innovation

Karl Broich- president BfArM
Nicola Bedlington, EPF

Nicola makes the point that innovation has to be sustainable. Meaningful patient engagement requires educational resources for patients! 

3. Use of patient data for innovation, challenges and ethical dilemmas.

Ritva Halila, ministry of social affairs and health, Finland
Kemal Malik, head of innovation, Bayer 

Kemal on the role of patient in clinical development: 
'patient engagement seen as pre-marketing exercise' 
'lack of clear of evidence of patient engagement'
a key future trend will be to show real life outcomes

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